Thematic Event: Gaining Speed – How to Put E-Mobility in the Fast Lane 2021

We have seen an explosion of interest in e-mobility, and with good reason! This technology can help us move away from the reliance of fossil fuels and can potentially offer a green, clean solution for our transportation needs. 

Transport is one of the most polluting sectors: in Switzerland, the transport sector accounts for over 30% of greenhouse gas emissions. So it is clear that we need viable solutions to reduce this sector’s environmental impact. E-mobility is one of the most prominent & promising of those solutions.

However, many unanswered questions remain: 

• There is a lot of misinformation around e-mobility and the life cycle assessment of battery technology. What are the facts?
• How much additional electricity would be required for the transition in Switzerland or internationally? How do we expect to cover this need?
• Charging infrastructure: How do deal with the chicken and egg problem?
• The adoption of E-mobility as a % of new cars sold is still very low. What are the barriers and how do we overcome them.

Join us on September 21st to discuss the future of e-mobility and discuss some of the challenges and opportunities of moving to a new transportation infrastructure. 

Who is this event for?

• Sustainability professionals
• Anyone interested in increasing their understanding of E-mobility