SwissGradNet Discovery Conference

Founded in 2017, SwissGradNet is a network of three Swiss universities of applied sciences and their foreign university partners who follow the objective to foster use-inspired PhD projects in the fields of design, film and art. SwissGradNet hosts an annual Discovery Conference, where PhD students, supervisors, research executives from the partner institutions as well as any other interested researchers meet to discuss current issues regarding use-inspired research.
The second SwissGradNet Discovery Conference will focus on new evolving formats of dissemination, negotiation and communication of research outcomes that represent alternatives to conventional scientific formats, such as for example explorations on online platforms that argue in a multimedia way and foster interaction between humans, communities and machines, or, literary artistic approaches to knowledge production. The overall objective for the conference is to bring together and discuss current positions on what dissemination and negotiation methodologies, strategies and formats design, film and artistic research can contribute to the whole research process, that allow different approaches and represent a valuable add-on to the traditional ways of the dissemination of the research process and its outcomes.