Swiss Economic Forum - SEF.2019

We hear about upheaval, disruption and complexity on a daily basis. Surprises, changes and irritations come thick and fast nowadays, but the world is a better place than it appears, and in the economy, change is one of the underlying constants. Indeed, there is an old business saying: “Everything stays different”.

Those who are agile enough do not feel threatened by the uncertainty of the future. True entrepreneurship means to always pragmatically look for the positive in change, exercising sound judgement when risking something new, and not being afraid of failure.

By believing in their own cause with conviction and tenacity and having the courage to attempt something new, young entrepreneurs can block out the negative and break down boundaries and conventions, so that an entrepreneurial dream finally becomes reality.

At the SEF we believe in making a point of saying yes, in keeping with the motto “YES! – The Optimist Code”. After all, yes is positive. Yes opens up space for possibilities and alternatives. Yes takes the world as it is, and finds opportunities within it. The optimists’ approach is to move calmly through the world, not be overwhelmed by it, and to grasp entrepreneurial opportunities.

That is what we want to convey to the participants at SEF.2019: a clever understanding of context, surprising perspectives and facts, great encounters, and confidence in this rapidly changing environment.