International Conference on Cloud, Big Data and Analytics!

Dear & Esteemed Colleagues,We are extremely happy to extend a warm welcome to you and your colleagues to be part of the upcoming international conference on cloud, big data and analytics to be held in the beautiful city of Zurich, Switzerland.“Without big data analytics, companies are blind and deaf, wandering out onto the web like deer on a freeway.” – Geoffrey Moore

Clouds and Big Data! A Greater Revolution in Data Science!Of late, ‘Data Science’ and the related technologies are passing through a revolutionary phase. More particularly, Big Data has greater impact on our life as this emerging tool is able to process massive amounts of data faster and help gain fresh insights just like an intelligent individual. This fast emerging technological advancement is extremely helpful to know new things about our life and the way we do business. There is no field where big data has not made an impact which includes, agriculture, entrepreneurship, health care, stock markets, banking, insurance, transport, super markets, etc.,

90% Data Created – Neither Sorted nor Used!It is quite unfortunate that we are not making use of over 90% data already created and available. Big Data helps us to change the way we see things and support us to initiate actions that could improve our lives and standard of living.

Predictive Modeling & Big Data!Data Exploration is a technique used to understand the data available better and make use of it in a purposeful manner to improve our lives. It is helpful to generate new knowledge, validate them and build models and clearly identify the patterns emerging. Using Big Data, achieving this is quite possible.Research reports indicate that the data generated and stored by the industry keep doubling, almost every year. Companies are looking for ways and means to process these unstructured and complex data in order to boost their sales and profitability. This is all the more necessary in the current competitive global landscape. In a nutshell, data-driven innovation helps companies to make headway faster and achieve their goals.

Panel Discussion!Panel discussions and brain-storming sessions are always a part of our conferences and they have received a lot of appreciation from the delegates participating in our events from different parts of the world.At the upcoming conference in Zurich, a Panel Discussion on Big Data will be organized for the benefit of delegates attending the event from across the globe.Topic: Leveraging Big Data for Business Success!

Conference Objectives:Clouds and Big Data have revolutionized the business world, today. The upcoming conference on Clouds, Big Data and Analytics aims at achieving the following objectives.1. Offer a great platform to experts in the field of clouds, big data and analytics to advance knowledge about these important and emerging topics in order to share their findings, knowledge with fellow academicians and experts who would gather at the conference from different parts of the world.2. Promote and support scientific and research collaborations across different related disciplines.3. Suggest ways and means to make use of clouds, big data and related technologies to make rational decisions in business in order to ensure commercial success and profitability, in the long run.