FutureHealth Basel 2020


Digitalisation in the healthcare industry continues to advance. Efficiency, processes to optimise profits from other industries and pressure to drive down costs are part of everyday life. While standards do offer great potential for cost optimisation, do they still show solidarity? The great innovative power of the life sciences and medtech sectors with new technologies and treatments perform medical “miracles”, but are often extremely complex and expensive, ever more often leading to questions about what a human life is “worth”.

Can we afford modern treatment and, if yes, for whom? How can we promote the smooth flow of data and information without at the same time negatively impacting our privacy? Who is interested in our health and how can all players be inspired to pull together? The future-oriented and sustainable development of healthcare is only possible through clear dialogue and the improved integration of patients. Genuine ­patient empowerment and real involvement are therefore the focus of FutureHealth Basel.

Under the claim “Me, Myself and Algorithms”, patients and startups are integrated in the programme. We are creating a space for questions, answers and consider inputs from the audience. FutureHealth Basel promotes interactivity and creates a concrete connection to the Swiss healthcare system.