FutureHealth Basel 2019


The outcome-oriented conference FutureHealth Basel helps rethink the entire healthcare ecosystem and ensure the Swiss life sciences and healthcare industry is fit for the future. The focus is on the patient, their needs and the changing ecosystems. But what does patient-focused actually mean? What role do innovation and technology play here? How can costs be reduced, and to what extent can the quality of treatment be improved?
At FutureHealth Basel, patients talk about their needs for integration into healthcare discussions and processes. Visionary Swiss and international speakers take a look at the future of the healthcare and life sciences industry. In the deep dive sessions, high-profile experts discuss specific applications and practised ecosystems, stimulating debate among the participants.
A first-class Advisory Board and partnerships with EY and the think tanks Avenir Suisse and W.I.R.E. guarantee substantive content. FutureHealth Basel offers inspiration, high practical relevance and real added value for participants thanks to innovative formats.