Energy Data Hackdays 2019

Participants from various fields will meet at the HightechZentrum Aargau to use energy data to work on solutions that contribute to increasing energy efficiency in Switzerland.

Energy companies have large amounts of data that are only partially used or not used at all. Better use of dormant data for new services and analysis is in the interest of these companies and their customers. 

At the Energy Data Hackdays, energy companies, public administrations and other organizations related to the energy industry provide data for the development of creative ideas and initial prototypes. The focus is on the topics:

– The energy grid as an interface to the Smart City/Community (role of intelligent and smart grids)
– The role of the transmission grid in the decentralization of the production sector
– How can the security of supply be guaranteed with more and more interfaces, smaller and decentralized production plants and devices/households/prosumers in the network?
– Convergence of networks and use of data concerning security of supply and the improvement of public service (city as owner of data and public utility companies)
– Linking network planning/asset management and urban development

Over 50 participants from a wide variety of fields - programmers, designers, energy experts, thinkers & doers - will bring their skills together. The Energy Data Hackdays are open to all interested persons who want to creatively deal with energy data. registration is now open.