KPMG Cyber Security

We're pleased to invite you to our Cyber Security Event on 29 May at the Widder Hotel in Zurich.

Join us to learn more about the results of our yearly conducted Cyber Security Survey among Swiss companies. We’re delighted to welcome David Ferbrache and Arthur Gervais as guest speakers. They'll provide insights into the Cyber threat trends 2018 and the security of blockchain and its applications. Following the presentations, you'll get to see a live demo on hackers' latest way to take over control of your computer unnoticed in order to mine cryptocurrencies.

About the guest speakers

David Ferbrache is the Chief Technology Officer, Cyber Security at KPMG UK and former Head of Cyber and Space at the UK Ministry of Defence. David has over 30 years of experience in technology risk and information security and was awarded the Officer of the British Empire for his service to the UK’s national security after 9/11.

Arthur Gervais, Ph.D., is the Co-Founder of Liquidity.Network, the first off-chain payment system to have a working MVP that allows its users bi-directional transfers of Ethereum. Arthur is currently leading a research group on the topic of security, privacy and scalability with a focus on blockchain technology at Imperial College in London.