Blockchain Forum 2019

Highlights of the 3rd Annual Conference - Financial Market Framework: DLT & Blockchain in Switzerland - Crypto Asset Custody: Managing the Interface Between Human and Technology - Stable Coins: How to Reduce the High Volatility in Cryptocurrencies 

The International Financial Market Regulation of Cryptocurrencies
• How are cryptocurrencies regulated in other jurisdictions?
• What are the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches compared to the Swiss    regulation
• What are the international trends?

DLT & Blockchain in Switzerland: Financial Market Legal Framework
• „The regulators' view“
• Fields of application for DLT in the financial sector
• Financial market classification
• Need for action and outlook

Stable Coins – How to Reduce the High Volatility in Cryptocurrencies
• The challenge, cryptocurrencies show a very high volatility
• How can stable coins bring stability into the ecosystem
• What is the solution, Swiss Crypto Tokens is implementing and why
• What are use cases for stable coins

Crypto Asset Custody: Managing the Interface Between Human & Technology
• How does safekeeping of crypto assets work?
• Swiss Crypto Vault's approach
• Case study – fund manager investing in crypto assets

Bring Your Company into the Blockchain!
- When is Blockchain the right tool for my business ideas?
- How do I implement a blockchain project?
- "Dos and don'ts" from practice using concrete examples

Blockchain for Business:
Added Value and Challenges Using the Example of Car Dossier

• Basic concept and potential of "Blockchain for Business"
• Project presentation Car Dossier
• Lessons learned & Methodology

An Operating System for the Financial Supply Chain
• Status Quo: Doing business the same as in a world before tech
• Open ecosystem with blockchain based OS
• First Use-Cases: invoice funding marketplaces, credit insurance offerings and deeper tier financing approaches