NZZ X.Days 2019

Digitalisation has been around for a long time. We now want to take a step back, reflect and concretize the relevant influences of the technological progress – because digital transformation goes further than the application of technology or the digitalisation of processes and products. 

Under the claim of “Digitalisation: what matters?”, NZZ X.Days 2019 will attempt to answer the following key questions surrounding the digital transformation: Which changes will digitalisation bring and which ones definitely not? How do we deal with this as a society? What ideas will give the Swiss economy shaped by SMEs a long-term advantage?

The conference identifies the key entrepreneurial and strategic priorities that must now be set. Social, political and ethical issues will also be put under the spotlight. Recognised experts will provide explanations and straighten out the facts. An audience of 450 leaders from a wide range of sectors will make this event a guaranteed networking success for all attendees. Thanks to parallel sessions, you can design your own schedule, immerse yourself in fascinating information and benefit in the best way possible.

We look forward to taking the next steps in the digital transformation with you, as well as exchanging and discussing ideas and experiences with you.